Unplanned pregnany. Termination by two methods: surgery or tablets (Mifepriston)

Statistically, every woman finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy once in her lifetime. I see it as my duty to give support in this serious situation and help to find a sustainable solution: either termination or having a child.

gynaecologist dr adam in viennaIf the decision is to have an abortion, I inform the woman about the two methods available and provide her the treatment.

The method chosen will depend on both the woman’s choice, and also on the length of the pregnancy.

Until the end of week nine (63 days from beginning of the last period) I normally recommend a medical abortion (a tablet: Mifepriston).

From day 64 onwards, only surgery is possible.

Information as early as possible

It is essential to get information as early as possible. Only if you have the information can you take both methods into consideration.

With both methods a routine check is done approximately 2 to 3 weeks later. This is obligatory and included. A medical expert is always available between the abortion and the check-up.

Costs of abortion

The costs for a medical abortion are €490. For a surgical abortion the cost is €530. These prices include the initial consultation, sonograms, drugs and any other necessary services until the first post-abortion period. If you are Rhesus negative additional costs of €75 may arise.

Additional information

All appointments are individual. Privacy is guaranteed.
Since in our institute many different medical services are offered, nobody will know that you are visiting because of an unplanned pregnancy.

If you want further information please don’t hesitate to call or send an e-mail:

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