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  • Medical Abortion (Abortion with tablets)

    General Information

    The „Fristenlösung) – The law

    In Austria abortion is regulated under the so-called “Fristenlösung” §97 StGB. That means that abortion is forbidden unless it takes place within certain limits („Frist“). These limits are 12 weeks of pregnancy.

    if the abortion is performed by a doctor within the first three months after the beginning of the pregnancy, after prior medical consultation; or when termination of pregnancy is necessary to avert an otherwise serious danger to life or serious harm to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman, or if there is a serious risk that the child will be severely mentally or physically injured, or the pregnant woman has been underage and in all these cases the termination is carried out by a doctor: or if the abortion to rescue the pregnant woman from an immediate, not otherwise averted danger to life is made under circumstances in which medical assistance can not be obtained in time.

    Attentive readers will have noticed that neither is set

    • when the third month ends yet
    • of what kind the advice has to be.

    Third month

    the beginning of pregnancy is defined with the completed implantation, that is 16 weeks after the 1st day of the first oft he last menstruation! However, there are only few doctors who perform termination after week 12. That is our limit too.

    In several other countries terminations are longer carried out eg in the Netherlands until the 22nd week!


    This consultation can take place just before termination. In Austria there is nothing like a 2,3 or 5 days waiting period between counselling and termination. I consider the Austrian regulation much better than the waiting-period  regulations in other countries. Why should women wait if they know exactly what they want? Most woman even refuse advice explicitly!

    We offer counselling and accept of course waiting if a woman wants that. Only the women’s need are our guideline.

    NB: im deutschen Text sind im Absatz Beratung 2 I zu viel!

    The costs

    In Austria, the costs of abortion (and contraception) are not covered by health insurance.

    The prices are not regulated.

    For about 25 years it is possible to stop unwanted pregnancies with tablets. One of the two substances is called mifepristone and is distributed worldwide. In Austria, mifepristone may only be handed out  by hospitals like ours (ie you can not buy it in pharmacies!). It works by blocking the effect of the pregnancy hormone progesterone, which is formed in the pregnant woman’s body. This makes the uterus susceptible to the second drug misoprostol (in Austria Cyprostol®, in most other countries Cytotec®). This triggers expulsion. Misoprostol is administered vaginally 24 to 48 hours after taking mifepristone. The process corresponds to the process of natural abortion.

    This method is immediately applicable from the very beginning of pregnancy (even before the expectedd menstruation!) It is next to the copper and gold IUS, the most effective so-called postcoital contraception (contraception after sexual intercourse, in which the likelihood of pregnancy is feared) and is much more effective than the morning after pill.


    • No more than 63 days have passed since the beginning oft he last period.
    • In addition, you must not suffer from rare underlying diseases:
      • Adrenal disease,
      • of severe untreated asthma or
      • on a genetic blood disorder called porphyria

    Advantages of this method

    • In most (97-99%) cases, no surgery is necessary. Therefore all  possible complications associated with surgery cabbot happen.
    • The woman has always control over teg whole process, especially
      • when she is using the second tablets,
      • where she wants tob e and in
      • whose  presence she wants to be, if she wants even alone
      • and she is fully aware of what takes place.


    • Some women consider it as negative that the process extends over 2 days.
    • But: the time between the application of the first and the second tablets is symptom-free!
    • In 1-3 percent curettage is needed.
    • In about half of the abortions it is like a stronger menstrual period and
    • The other half may experience more or less severe pain, but they can be treated sufficiently with certain painkilling pills.


    In all cases, after 2 weeks thereafter a follow-up check including ultrasound and a debriefing is obligatory.

    Sometimes you can find negative reports about this method on the internet. It probably helps you to know that in 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) added both drugs (mifepristone and misoprostol) to the list of essential medicines!


    The cost is € 450.

    In addition to the procedure, they also include the care of any complications, the follow-up examination and a final consultation.

    Details on drug abortion in Wikipedia.


    My team and I are always at your disposal for information and advice. Information on the most important questions can also be found on this w