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    Die richtige Anwendung des Kondoms
    September 21, 2020

    Before I get to the point, I allow myself a few personal comments. Some might ask themselves, what does he mean by “condom blessing and well…” ? Actually quite simple: for a One Night Stands in the age of HIV, the condom is THE protection that gives him / her safety at this occasion. For those who live in a longer and happy relationship an condome can be a disturbing in-between piece of latex which can be experienced as an unacceptable separation. Apart from the fact that the slipping is an often disturbing interruption of an intimate encounter. But these are my personal thoughts.

    Oh yes that: and in case of infidelity the condom should be a MUST. That to ethics, morality and personal access.

    Now to the mistakes  in the use of comdomes and to avoid them.

    •     The condom is used during normal woman’s cycle (cycle length +/- 28 days, bleeding time between 4 and 8 days) with every intercourse outside menstruation
    •     The condom is applied from the first moment of penetration of the erect penis into the vagina. Forbidden is to start a bit and then condom … This is a kind of roulette.
    •     The condom will be rolled out completely .
    •     The condom is NEVER touched with fingernails .
    •     After ejaculation , the penis is IMMEDIATELY withdrawn from the vagina while holding the condom.


    And now honestly: would you have known everything?