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  • Contraception after a termination of pregnancy

    Methoden der Verhütung und Verhütung nach einem Schwangerschaftsabbruch
    September 21, 2020

    Before every abortion there is a mistake in contraception. That’s a fact mostly unconsciously. IT can be a problem  of the method or on the other hand of the acting persons.

    First of all a few words to the persons. Most couples / women who come to seek termination answer the question, what they have done for contraception: “I / we were stupid.” No, not at all they have been stupid! Contraception needs efforts, no contraception is unconscious biology! Why should people who cope with their demanding everyday life successfully act “stupid” in their sexual life? No, contraception is a demanding issue which hast o be done  comsciously! You have to organize it! That is why it is so important to me to address this topic in every consultation about unplanned pregnancy.

    As a matter of principle at the beginning: any method that is to be used directly during sexual intercourse is questionable: 1. because it interrupts the sexual pleasure, 2. is prone to do something wrong, and 3. may not be applied at the end because it “it’s not dangerous at the moment anyway” (biology).

    In this information, I would like to give some basic information about termination, next time I’ll go more into detail on methods.


    1) The Effectiveness of methods

    The effectiveness of each method is measured by the so-called Pearl Index or Pearl rate. (Wikipedia). It measures the failure rate per 100 women in year of exposure. This is very abstract for non-professionals. The lower the number, the more effectrive the method. Good contraception is under 1.

    For example, “Withdrawel” (Coitus Interruptus) has an index of 4 to 30, condom 2-12, the pill 0.1-0.9, and IUD 0.1-0.8

    If you want to know more, you can get information there: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl-Index.


    2) The individual methods

    There are different criteria of differentiation.

    •     Application just before sexual intercourse:
      •         Condom , femidom (female condom)
      •         Chemical Prevention before intercourse:  spermicides vaginally, etc.
    •     Hormonal methods
      •         pill
      •         IUD
    •     Non-hormonal methods
      •         condom
      •         Copper- or  gold IUD


    In the next post information on different pills: combination pill , mini pill, benefits, disadvantages, will follow.