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  • Surgical abortion

    Suction curettage (“suction”) is a long-established method of stopping unwanted pregnancies. Usually in general anesthesia, the entrance to the uterus (cervix, cervix) is dilated and the contents are aspirated.

    Advantages of suction?

    •     The suction method is safe and easy.
    •     It may be used much longer until end of week 12.



    It can only be used when the pregnancy can be seen by ultrasound within the uterus.


    In less than 1 percent suction is incomplete and a second curettage will be necessary. Serious complications are rare. There may be infections that need to be treated with antibiotics. Especially rare are injuries to the uterus or cervix.

    However, one must be aware that the long-term consequence of all complications can also be permanent infertility though that is very, very rare.


    A follow-up and debriefing  after approx. 2 is laso part of our offer.

    In the period between the suction and the re-entry of normal menstruation, a doctor is available 24/7.


    The costs are € 580 euros.

    Not included are the costs of Rhesus prophylaxis if a woman is Rhesus negative (€ 75.-).