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    Vor- und Nachteile der Pille
    September 21, 2020

    There is hardly a more controversial contraceptive than THE PILL. In the 1960s, first and foremost, the step into sexual freedom, especially by women (but of course also by couples). Opponents were initially in my memory the Catholic Church. The then Pope Paul the Sixth, so the joke, henceforth wanted to be called Paul the Seventh. He did not want to have anything to do with sex ….

    Only gradually the disadvantages of the pill became known. Influences on well-being and medical risks have only gradually struck. At first, the euphoria covered that finally, finally sex without constant fear of an unwanted pregnancy was in the way of lust and passion.


    There are two types of birth control pills: combinations of estrogens and gestagens and the so-called mini-pill which contain only gestagens. They differ in function and intake and have different disadvantages. In general, they are preventive by two facts. In the combination preparations, the body pretended that the pill swallower is pregnant. And if a woman is pregnant, she will never get pregnant again, because there will be no ovulation. The minipill works primarily because the cervical secretion becomes so tough that there is “no getting through” for sperm, and moreover, there is no buildup of mucosal tissue in the uterus into which a fertilized egg could implant.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the pill

    The benefits of the pill

    •     taken regularly, pills provide almost 100% protection.
    •     Pills are effective from the first day of use.
    •     weaker and shorter menstrual bleeding usually mean relief for women with heavy and long menstrual bleeding.
    •     Periodic pains (pelvic spasms) disappear by taking the pill mostly completely, but are at least significantly alleviated.
    •     Skin impurities (eg puberty acne) are mostly improved.
    •     By taking the pill, the women know exactly when the bleeding will happen. Fertility: The pill does not affect fertility. Even after many years
    •     if women want to get pregnant after taking a pill, it usually happens just as if the pill had not been taken.

    The disadvantages of the pill


    •    The pill does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.
    •     The pill must be taken daily and at the same time of the day.
    •     Possible side effects:
      •         Nausea and vomiting,
      •         Weight gain,
      •         lower sexual interest,
      •         depressions
      •         Bleeding between periods,
      •         Tension in the breasts.


    Special disadvantages of the combination preparations:


    •     Smoking women and
    •     Overweight women (body mass index BMI over 30) should not take them because of the increased risk of thrombosis (blood vessel obstruction).
    •     Women with heart attacks, strokes, leg vein thrombosis and / or high blood pressure should discuss this with their doctor for possible thrombosis.
    •     No use during lactation.


    Special feature of mini pills, which are not uncommon:

    •     increase in weight
    •     Blemishes,
    •     lower libido
    •     general lack of vitality
    •     no monthly bleeding, because these pills constantly (no monthly break!)
    •     light bleedings are common
    •     meticulous exact intake is important!


    Everything that applies to mini-pills also applies to the so-called hormonal shots every 12 weeks  and hormonal implants (for 3 years).


    My personal note: colleagues often forget to inform about possible side effects of these medicines. To put it bluntly: who takes such a thing, whose lust disappears, the woman has to wonder why she takes it ….


    A few more important hints

    •     Diarrhea and / or vomiting can cause the pill to stop working.
    •     The intake of medication can also lead to the loss of effects of pills because of interactions. Especially when taking antibiotics it is often forgotten to ask the patient for the pill …