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    Unplanned pregnancy? Certainly one of the most difficult crisis in a woman’s life. And it happens quite often! Since abortions in Austria are not statistically monitored, the number for our country is estimated  around 14,000 a year. In any case, it shows that a large number of women are affected every year. There are assumptions that every woman is confronted with this situation once in her life. I personally think the number lower. Nevertheless I am convinced, that that counseling and support are very, very important.

    At the end of this process – no matter which decision the woman has made – the result should prove sustainabley correct. And should the decision for termination been made, the professional help should be experienced,  competent and helpful.

    Therefore, a low-threshold, holistic approach to abortion is a major concern to us.

    This includes

    • Easy contact
    • comprehensive information about the biological and medical process
    • Advice in case the affected woman (possibly a partner) is not sure what to do. We have been working together with public counselling and psychologists for long.
    • Around the clock availability until the process is safely completed.
    • Advice on future contraception so unplanned pregnancy is hoprfullyprevented.